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woodcut on Japan paper, 1962, ca. 20 x 16 in.
the piece in a simple frame with glass front will only shipped without glass unless picked up in person; comes from a collector in Santa Barbara, CA.

Heinz Kreutz, born 1923 in Frankfurt, Germany and living in Bavaria since 1972, was trained as a photographer. After being wounded during WWII and long time in a hospital he turned to art and began abstract painting in 1948. 1951 he studied in Paris, France, and was one of the founding members of the artists group Quadriga, that connected German art again with the international avantgarde. He became one of the most important German post-war painters. Later he transferred his unique style into other graphic techniques, especially woodcut printing.
$500 o.b.o.


oil on canvas, 58" x 66"on 3/4" stretchers

Date and signature on lower right front, fair condition, painted 1986, no artist background available, comes from a friend of the artist in Santa Barbara, CA. Unframed. This painting is large, has to be picked up, no shipping. Perfect for decoration in a bar, café, or restaurant.

Please make an offer!